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Save on operating expenses with SIS

For airlines (or agencies working with airlines), operating expenses can total hundreds of millions of dollars each year. It’s not surprising that managing billing and settings for all of those expenses is a labor-intensive process in itself. Automating your billing and settings can mean saving huge quantities of money annually. 

That’s why we partnered with IATA to offer the Simplified Interline Settlement (SIS) platform. Saving airlines and agents as much as 2% on operating expenses, SIS manages more than a million invoices annually for a combined value of over USD 70 billion. It works by creating an expedited, centralized hub for airline billing and settlement.

Simplify processes and save time

Using just one e-invoicing standard, SIS streamlines key processes. This means centralizing information, decreasing paper waste, and creating a platform that everyone, including ground handlers, maintenance companies and manufacturers, can get behind.

Take advantage of our full portfolio of solutions

When dealing with disputes, we’ve simplified the process. We provide digital signature and legal compliance services. And in case you need them for your records, we offer audit trails.