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Facilitate your BSP community interaction and access to information with BSPlink

Financial transactions between travel agents and airlines can get muddled quickly. With so many back-and-forth transactions and moving parts, airlines need a system that consolidates and streamlines everything simply and effortlessly.

Accelya powers BSPlink, IATA’s comprehensive distribution platform for the BSP community that covers more than 175 countries. There’s a reason why BSPlink is accessed by over 62,000 agent users, 20,000 airline users, 1,400 agent group users, 1,700 GDS users, and 210 third-party users: it automates financial transactions between travel agents and airlines seamlessly and effectively. It also supports CRSs, DPCs, and BSPs, along with Accounts Revenue managers.

Access everything in a single file transfer

To streamline your processes, BSPlink manages your accounts receivable and delivers it all in a single financial transfer. The platform offers unrivaled ease of use for administering ADM and ACM transactions and allows for e-access to BSP reports and statistics. Plus, the setup, maintenance, and CRS integration are quick and painless. And for airlines that already have their own system, we offer an ADM and ACM interface.

Save time and limit errors

Rather than wasting time filing, your documents can be electronically stored. And thanks to the automated e-database, you mitigate the risk of manual errors. We even offer auto-completion of ADM and ACM transactions, utilizing data from prior document inquiries.