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Industry Solutions


BSP Processing

Accelya has been involved with IATA’s BSP operations for 36 years and has the largest IATA BSP data processing center. We provide processing services to 113 countries out of 178, representing more than $85B per year.


Accelya powers BSPlink, IATA’s comprehensive distribution platform for the BSP community covering more than 175 countries. BSPlink is accessed by more than 62,000 agents, 20,000 airline users, 1,400 agent group users, 1,700 GDS users and 210 third-party users.

Simplified Invoicing & Settlement

Accelya is the primary technology partner for IATA’s Simplified Interline Settlement (SIS) platform. The SIS project aims to standardize, facilitate and expedite interline billing and settlement in the airline industry.

Neutral Fare Proration Engine

Accelya Kale’s NFP (Neutral Fare Proration) engine APEX® (jointly offered with ATPCO) is the backbone of the First & FinalTM Billing service offered by IATA. As a part of the NFP process, APEX® accurately prorates more than 3 million transactions per month to over 35 airlines.