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Airline Finance Professionals’ Outlook

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Financial Solutions


Airline Revenue Accounting

Identify opportunities to stem revenue leakage, increase profitability, automate processes and provide real-time, relevant and actionable intelligence by deploying our integrated suite of market-leading products. Confidently state your revenues with 99% accuracy within 24 hours of receiving data.

Airline Payments Management

Leverage an end-to-end card and payments management solution for airlines. Centralize, optimize and manage all card and payment processes in a secure, PCI DSS-compliant environment to prevent revenue leakage, reduce costs and quickly recover cash.

Airline Cost & Billing Management

Manage direct operating costs, streamline miscellaneous receivables and payables, and oversee contracts and SLAs with our cost and billing management solutions.


Airline Revenue Assurance

Access end-to-end audit services—from the time of booking (ticketed or not) to the expiry of the last coupon to identify and recover revenue and cost losses. Leverage the domain expertise and state-of-the-art technology that helps over 70 airlines across more than 170 countries protect their revenues.

Airline Refund Management

Manage refunds centrally according to service-level agreements, and deliver real-time refund statuses and alerts to agents and passengers. 

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Early Warning System

Automtically identify unusual sales agent behavior to take corrective or precautionary action and protect airline revenues and margins.

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Agency Debit Memo Management

Receive consolidated and detailed status of ADMs across 161 BSPlink countries to prioritize the settlement of critical disputes.

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