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Uncover hidden airline revenue leakage with PNR & Revalidation Audits

Traditional sales audits don’t always catch everything. Airlines’ highly complex audit procedures require skilled staff and processes.

Our airline PNR audit service ensures booking data is in compliance with booking rules and matches ticketing. And our Revalidation Audit service checks that only permitted changes are performed by travel agents. We repeat the audit every time a booking changes (until the last coupon is used or expires) and raise ADMs when appropriate.

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Prevent airline revenue Leakage

Prevent airline revenue leakage

When we look at PNR information, we tap into neglected sources of airline revenue leakages by comparing booking data against ticketing. The prevention effect of the audit is extended beyond ticketing, by enforcing airline policies on revalidation and booking changes even after the ticket is issued. We ensure that all unticketed PNR changes are continuously audited (until the last coupon is used) and that all charges are collected for any additional services.

Reduce operational costs

Sometimes, airlines don’t allow travel agencies to perform booking changes without reissue (or make them do it through their own call centers). We open this possibility to permit travel agents to perform changes on their own, thus saving operational costs.