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Enable growth while ensuring revenue protection

As airlines strive to gain a competitive edge and drive market share, enhancing customer experience through a payment acceptance strategy that offers the right payment choice, on the right device, at the right time and at the right cost is essential. However, this array of different sales channels and payment methods can lead to endless back-office complexity that is time consuming, inefficient and can add risk to compliance.

Accelya Payment Gateway combines the payment acceptance expertise of Mastercard Payment Gateway Services with Accelya’s airline know-how to deliver a platform that addresses these complexities in line with the airlines ongoing digital optimisation strategies. A proven platform, the Accelya Payment Gateway ensures growth and revenue protection lie at the centre of airlines payments strategy.

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Offer payment choices

Reduce the risk of customer abandonment at checkout by offering a choice of payment options. Enable them through a single connection without the need to understand and integrate to multiple payment methods

Drive down the cost of acceptance

By aggregating their billing processes through the Accelya Payment Gateway, airlines can leverage scale to drive down the cost of acceptance through centralised acquiring. With savings of up to 50 basis points per transaction, these real-time savings ensure that the airline receives more value from each ticket sold


Our partnership with Mastercard

  • End-to-End payment solution
  • Reconciliation at transaction level
  • Automation and integration of all card sales, across all channels

Additional benefits:

  • Access to one of the biggest Acquirer portfolio
  • 130 BSP countries
  • All currencies accepted
  • All FOPs accepted