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APEX Proration: For speed, accuracy and efficiency

With the dynamic nature of the airline industry, proration is getting more complicated all the time. This means that proration inaccuracies are becoming more common, leading to serious issues such as lost revenue and limited cash flow.

APEX Proration simplifies the entire interline agreement and settlement process. Recognized across the industry, it handles complex proration with ease and 99% accuracy, thus saving airlines time, money and resources. APEX can even help you make better decisions with proration data.

Stop revenue loss and reduce rejection

Stop revenue loss and reduce rejections

You don’t want under-billing to cause you to lose out on revenue. Nor do you want rejections to cause your cash flow to slow to a crawl. Thanks to APEX’s speed and accuracy, these problems are a thing of the past. 

Make smarter proration

Make smarter proration decisions

With our advanced intelligence, you can carry out more analyses, including SPA performance, interline performance and proviso effectiveness, while providing insights into future flight revenue.