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Protect your revenue with Early Warning System

If you don’t have reliable sales data, you can’t track when things go awry. That means your airline is vulnerable to abuses and defaults by travel agents. This can be a major source of revenue leakage for airlines that aren’t proactively monitoring agent activity.

We developed the Early Warning System (EWS) to give airlines superior protection. Our web-enabled tool identifies when sales agents exhibit unusual behavior and lets you know immediately. This helps you prevent abuse, take corrective action and protect your margins.

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Detect unusual agent behavior automaticall

Detect unusual agent behavior automatically

Get daily email updates so you’re on top of any unusual behavior. That way, you can take action before it becomes an issue. Everything is fully automated, saving you critical management time. Plus, you can customize alerts to the specific requirements of your airline.



Access a modern, easy-to-use interface

Access a modern, easy-to-use interface

EWS has a sleek, user-friendly format. Data is represented by graphics, and navigation is intuitive. EWS can be implemented in as few as 15 days. And when you have questions, our dedicated support team is ready with answers.