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Manage your ADMs faster and more accurately

On average, airlines take 21 days to respond to ADM disputes with travel agents. That could be the difference between revenue and expiration. It’s no surprise that every year, airlines lose USD 15.8 million due to expired ADMs.

We created ADM Vision to consolidate, organize and streamline ADMs. This gives airlines a dynamic, web-based platform to manage all their ADM information instantaneously. 

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Dont miss out on ADM revenue

Don’t miss out on ADM revenue

Ten percent of all ADMs are disputed by travel agents; knowing which ones to take care of first can be difficult. With our platform, you’ll gain valuable insights into the age of your ADMs, thus letting you prioritize disputes that are about to expire.

Save on human capital

Save on human capital

Free up your team members by allowing ADM Vision to automatically do the tracking for them. Plus, it’s maintenance-free right from day one. Your staff can spend more time focusing on other projects and responsibilities.