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Stop leaving money on the table. Overcome cargo challenges with smarter revenue management.

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Actionable Insights

Receive real-time alerts and notifications to make proactive and profitable decisions.

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Proven Forecasting

Apply inventory control techniques independent of accurate demand forecasting.

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Real-Time Pricing

Optimize pricing to capture revenue opportunities and remain competitive.


Smart forecasting is critical to stay ahead in the air cargo business. But without a real-time digital view of what’s happening and an integrated platform for analyzing and leveraging data more efficiently, airlines are leaving money on the table. They need something more.

Explore cargoRM, our integrated decision support tool for air cargo operations. cargoRM sends real-time alerts and notifications to help you make proactive decisions. By applying inventory control techniques, independent of demand forecasting, you can achieve exceptional forecasting accuracy. Our platform also provides real-time pricing capabilities, enabling you to capture more revenue opportunities while remaining competitive.

Analyze your air cargo performance

Our cargo revenue management platform allows you to monitor the health of your air cargo operations in real time. The dashboard provides you with a summary of all your flights and their performance, showing you clear areas where you can improve. You always know where you are and where you should go to optimize your revenue.

Forecast flight capacity like never before

Passenger forecasts and travel conditions are dynamic factors. Forecast them accurately with real-time data analysis. In addition, you can calculate optimal overbooking levels across volume and weight. cargoRM utilizes a cost-based model with probabilistic cargo capacity to leverage the complex relationship between price and customer demand. Our platform segments shipments by time until departure, customer, and type of shipment.