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airRM can drive a 10% increase in revenue within one year

Learn about smarter airline revenue management.
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Revenue Optimization

Identify opportunities and make pricing decisions that boost your bottom line.

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More Profitable Decisions

Achieve an advantage in the marketplace and stay competitive with smarter decisions.

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Real-Time Insights

Leverage insights from multiple data sources to manage thousands of flights simultaneously.


The airline industry is expanding, but margins are slim. Consumer demands are pressuring airlines to offer better prices and more personalized offers. To succeed in this dynamic environment, you must have a way to gauge the market’s pulse.

Our airline revenue management platform enables, smarter, proactive. and profitable decisions. airRM delivers a comprehensive view of the competitive landscape and an abundance of powerful airline revenue management reporting tools—all in one integrated offering.

90 of our airline partners have increased their overall revenue by 10% annually.

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Forecast with precision

Apply Proven Forecasting Technology

You can now overcome one of your biggest challenges: how to optimize the availability and price of seats. Forecast using models influenced by year-over-year history, competitive fare positions, look-to-book ratios and user-defined events.

Use a leg, segment, or O&D-based inventory strategy. Build your own forecasts for individual flight departures using artificial intelligence and accuracy tools or leverage our precision, system-generated forecasts .. This is the next level of airline revenue management.

Successfully navigate shifting market dynamics

Successfully react to market dynamics and influences

Everything from holidays and macroeconomics to political instability can complicate your airline revenue management operations. That’s why we’ve designed airRM to enable you to leverage multiple flight-level inventory controls in real time. Through straightforward queries on our time-saving system, you can seamlessly manage revenue-critical flight decisions with the click of a button.