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The next generation of Revenue Integrity has arrived


Improve Revenue
Return seats to inventory
for resale and help inform
RM decision making


Change Behaviour
Identify agents with poor 
quality bookings and 
prevent their abuse


Enforce Policies
Provide evidence of 
booking policy abuse, raise
ADMs & enable recoveries


Reduce Costs
Reduce distribution costs
by removing unproductive 
GDS segments


Airlines have a booking policy but they don't have the necessary means to fully enforce it. Travel Agents are making bookings that violate the policy but there are no consequences. This leads to revenue leakage for the airline and a poor standard of practice across the agent community.

Accelya Revenue Integrity solution IRIS joins together policy and practice. With the widest scope of PNR and pre-flight Ticket checks, IRIS ensures that the whole airline booking policy (and more) is covered. This leads to improved inventory quality and agent behaviour.

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Full Lifecycle RI

IRIS, the Revenue Integrity solution created by ANARI (a fully-owned subsidiary of Accelya) includes more than 30 checks including both PNR and pre-flight Ticket. These cover an airline's whole booking policy and enhance commercial decision making.

Operating in either batch or near real-time, users have the ability to create their own additional functions.

Increasing the scope of RI checks reduces distribution costs and helps with seat resale.


Enhanced with ADMs

Detect, prevent and recover by bringing together IRIS with Accelya's BIDT Audit.

The interface between IRIS and BIDT Audit not only increases the scope of checks to include GDS policy abuses but also results in ADMs being raised for booking policy abuses detected by IRIS.

Providing full PNR history from IRIS as evidence leads to a much higher ADM recovery rate and reduced disputes.

Enhancing Commercial Decision Making - new

Intelligent Revenue Integrity

IRIS includes a powerful web-based tool for reporting and analysis.

IRIS intelligence enables users to identify the scope and scale of each RI abuse. Good and bad agents are identified as well as routes most affected.

Users can quantify the impact of IRIS through cost and revenue information as well as figures on ADMs recovered by BIDT Audit.