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Empower travel agents to achieve sales targets with eTamis

The right data can transform a travel agent’s performance, but so few of them have access to it. Some miss out on flight data that can help them negotiate better rates, and others simply lack the right tools to measure their sales. As a result, travel agents may lose out on their incentives.

With eTamis, travel agents (and travel management companies) gain the sales tools and intelligence to command better deals with airline partners. This highly accurate, 360-degree view of your business gives you the edge you need to transform your sales processes.

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Optimize sales to achieve your incentives

Set targets and automatically track your airline deals against them. Identify revenue leakage and make proactive decisions to secure incentive rewards.

See how Al Tayyar increases profits with eTamis.

Access a complete view of your sales data

View all your airline sales information on one screen and across all GDS channels. eTAMIS supports BSP and non-BSP sales data, including ARAC and TCH. You can even include FlyTrack to capture sales information on low-cost carrier sales.

See how eTamis enables strategic decision-making at Travix International.