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Boost travel agent performance and loyalty

Incentivizing travel agents is a primary lever for airline sales managers to achieve their sales targets. Therefore, it is crucial to pay out accurate and timely agent incentives.

Learn about how you can process all types of front-end and back-end agency incentives. It is an automated and highly configurable solution for all kinds of contracts. This means that your incentive calculations are accurate, your processes are transparent and the payouts are on time. This helps you achieve agent satisfaction and, thereby, improve your revenue and market share.

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Pay out and track your incentives with 100% accuracy

Make sure that you pay out the proper incentive at the right time, every time. This is the best way to ensure agent loyalty, trust and continuous efforts to increase your revenue and market share. Access all supporting data required to track and audit your payouts. IncentivePro also gives you the ability to manage incentive contracts across alliances, groups and partners.

Get complete visibility into agent performance

Gain actionable insights into how your agents are performing against targets. Update and set alerts so you can stay on top of your agents and give them motivation at the right time.