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Analytics & Consulting

Unlock your business potential

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Airlines are always on the lookout for new opportunities, markets and business models to improve their revenues and profitability. But they often ignore sizable opportunities within their existing processes. Accelya’s Analytics & Consulting experts engage with airlines to unlock this hidden business potential across network planning, revenue management, sales and marketing, alliances and finance.

Using a proprietary framework, the Analytics Consulting Framework comprises five phases—Benchmark, Analyze, Recommend, Implement and Track—delivering fast positive impact on airlines’ revenue and profitability. This is a proven methodology and ensures timely and predictable outcomes for airlines.

Why Accelya?

With more than 40 years at the forefront of the travel and transport industry, we understand what it takes to be successful. In this dynamic market, we have broad insight into today's industry trends, developments and challenges.

Airline Finance & Commercial Focus

Accelya works with 350+ airlines and has provided solutions and services for more than 40 years. This uniquely positions us to understand airline financial and commercial processes and simplify them.

Travel & Transport Industry Insights

Accelya’s Analytics & Consulting experts constantly study macroeconomic factors that impact the airline industry, and produce in-depth analysis that airlines can use to craft their business strategy.

High Impact on ROI

Accelya’s consulting engagements result in recommendations with minimal cost, high return and quick turnaround to airlines.

Proprietary Framework

Accelya follows a proprietary methodology, The Accelya Consulting Framework, that is designed to deliver predictable and timely business results.